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August/September Gigs

The best way to avoid the Melbourne winter chill is to be inside a jazz club, drinking a fine whiskey (or whatever your beverage preference may be - I just told you mine) and absorbing the sounds of the live music being created in front of you in real time. Below are some opportunities for you to do just that!

It's been a while since I've been able to workshop and prepare new, original repertoire for the band - so this gig is going to showcase exactly that! Brand new compositions, original and innovative big band music, and a killer lineup of some of the finest musicians in Melbourne!

Here's a sneak peak of what to expect from the night:

The Music of Vulfpeck • Paris Cat • August 26 •

After an incredible sell-out show in April, we're back with another evening of deep grooves, soulful songs, and filthy stank-faces. If you're a nanna and can't stay out too late, make sure you book tickets to the EARLY SHOW

If you're a night owl (like me) you can book a ticket to the LATE SHOW and boogie the night away. Featuring The Jack Earle Trio (Jack Earle, Kieran Rafferty & Patrick Schmidli) and our friends Ash Griffin, Rowan Pattison (Guitar), Miro Lauritz (Keys), Isadora Lauritz (Voice), and Sean Donehue (Voice). This event sold out in minutes last time, so make sure you BOOK NOW!

A project born out of necessity for our May show as part of the Australian Digital Concert Hall, it is our pleasure and privilege to be able to perform this wonderful music (including classics by Clifford Brown, Chet Baker & Annie Ross) with an all-star lineup, and featuring the beautiful vocal talents of Olivia Chamoun!


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