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The Music of Chick Corea

June has been (and is continuing to be) a bit of an insane but rewarding month of project juggling! From Musically Directing Josh Piterman in Concert, (there's a show in St Kilda coming up on Saturday) to recording tracks for the upcoming new show Partners In Crime (with Rhonda Burchmore & Lara Mulcahy - starting up in August), to preparing for the incredible on stage performance of David Campbell at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival coming up on Thursday.

Somehow squeezed into this wonderful madness The Jack Earle Trio with Carlo Barbaro are very excited to be presenting The Music Of Chick Corea on Sunday, after selling out their April show. It was far too much fun last time, and wayyy too much preparation took place for it to only be a one time event, so we'd really appreciate your support as we play some of the most challenging but rewarding music on offer. This event sold out last time so make sure you BOOK TICKETS

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be back with more news in the coming months, especially regarding The Jack Earle Trio playing at the wonderful Helpmann Awards in July, but that's for another time! As always, thank you for your continued support and thanks for listening.

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