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Jack Earle Big Band feat Alma Zygier

The Jack Earle Big Band is delighted to be back at The Jazzlab on August 28 (that's next Wednesday) with the *incredible* Alma Zygier. Alma has the unique ability to sing with the wisdom, depth, and worldliness of the old-school jazz and blues singers of the 20s-40s. We'll be transporting you back to the old school swing, blues and trad jazz eras with Alma's impassioned vocals and the full 18 piece Big Band behind her. Make sure you BOOK TICKETS

I'm also very excited to announce we'll also be featuring the amazing drumming of Gerry Pantazis, and I figured it'd be a complete waste not to take full advantage of that opportunity, so there'll definitely be some super-smashing Buddy Rich charts in the set as well. Don't forget to BOOK TICKETS

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