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Isolation Update

While it's awful to be locked inside all the time and I dearly miss making music with others, it has given me some time to work on my solo piano chops, and to update my YouTube Channel, which I haven't done in 3 years - so it's high time that happened.


The updates began last week with a transcription of one of my favourite pianists Fred Hersch, playing the Thelonious Monk's banger "Work". I have tried and failed many times to improvise over this tune during my home practise, and have admired Fred's interpretation of the Monk's work ever since seeing him live in Boston in 2014. I soon after purchased his triple album "Songs Without Words" and said to myself "whenever I get a spare moment I'm going to transcribe that solo". That spare moment never came until COVID-19 forced all gigs for the foreseeable future to be cancelled, and forced me into the shed. Here's the result:

Work - Fred Hersch Transcription - Thelonious Monk


Seeing as I had set up all the recording gear in the room with the nice piano, I figured I'd better do some more recordings, and include some of my original work. I have only played "The Main Theme" with The Jack Earle Trio once or twice in a live setting, but it's one I've always been fond of. During recording, I was trying to play an uptempo tune and it just wasn't working, so I decided maybe I'd better do a Ballad instead. The title comes from the fact that I could hear it orchestrated as the main theme to a depressing film - my mum loves depressing films and watches them on the reg now that we're home all the time.

Main Theme - Jack Earle

PS: Thanks Darryn Farrugia for helping me sync the audio with the video! He's a legend and you should check out his drum lessons online


I have a new video of solo piano coming out NEXT TUESDAY, and have a few video iso-projects on the go with my trio. Until then enjoy this performance of Spain by Chick Corea, which we were lucky enough to perform with Carlo Barbaro at the Paris Cat Jazz Club in April last year. Thanks for checking out my stuff and hope you're staying clean and healthy.

Spain - Jack Earle Trio feat Carlo Barbaro

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